Community Christian Church Testimonials

Hear what Our Community has to say about our church and services!

The true word of God and the total fellowship.

Sharleen Drought
May 2nd 2022

Pastor Joe is dedicated to preaching God's word . Community Christian members make you feel welcomed it's like part of your family Pastor Joe inspire all who attend. I have been going to Community Christian Church for 5yrs and I can honestly say that I look forward to Sundays. Amen

Mercy Medina
May 2nd 2022

Wonderful venue for worship on Sundays, Sunday night gospel concert series and the Legacy Gospel Music Fellowship on Tuesday afternoons January through March, organized by “retired” country-gospel musicians Ron and Opal Erickson of Branson, Mo., and featuring David Ciccone of Idaho on drums, Gene Reasoner of Ozark, Mo., on keyboard, Barb Maxey on bass guitar, and John Frase of Washington state on rhythm guitar. All performers are vocalists, too. It’s a great afternoon of country-gospel music.

Dean Brickey
May 2nd 2022

We have been very Blessed being a part of the Family of at Community Christian Church. Thank you Pastor Joe for
Your part in this. Elizabeth and Jerry Hendrickson

Elizabeth Hendrickson
May 2nd 2022

It is a home away from our eternal home and an anchor when the storms of this world cause us to think we have nowhere to turn to. We are always reminded that God is at our side and we are the hands and feet of Jesus to lift up others in time of need just as He lifts us up.

Cheryl Owens
May 2nd 2022

No other Church welcomed me like Family. They teach straight from the Bible!

Evelyn Toro
May 2nd 2022

Friendly people, fellowship is great. The word is preached directly from the Bible. Music is good , songs from days past. Hymns maybe I should have said. You can feel the Spirit of God there.

Lois Wolfe
May 2nd 2022

Pastor Joe speaks from his heart, and directly from the bible..fills everyone with the holy spirit.
The church is my second family...they are always there for you no matter what... I reccomend that if you are looking for a church. this is one of the best places to be.. In Gods house

Sandra Ernst
May 2nd 2022

A very sweet church and a caring spiritual Pastor! I highly recommend!

Paul Talley
May 2nd 2022

It is the most peaceful and God loving place I have ever been in. The people are wonderful as is Pastor Joe and Diana and John and all of the volunteers.

Marion Vinnai
Apr 26th 2020